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Nocturnal Breed - We Only Came For The Violence CD

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Recorded at FIAS Co.Productions February 9th - March 1st 2019
Engineered by Sverre Slobrock Dæhli
Produced by Nocturnal Breed & Sverre Slobrock Dæhli
Additional recordings and FX, Produced and recorded at Necrolab Studio 2003 - 2019
Engineered by S.A Destroyer
Mixed at FIAS Co. Productions March 10th - March 31st
Engineered by Sverre Slobrock Dæhli
Mastered at Vektor Facilities April 1st - April 9th
Engineered by Kjetil Ottersen
Front cover original drawing by Maggotmeister/All Things Rotten
Inspired by Hugo Lederer's statue 'Das Schicksal' 
Photo by Espen Krukhaug
Booklet logos & drawings by S.A. Destroyer
Backing vocals on track 3, 10, 12 by Ravn Courtesy of 1349
Keys & Synth by Sverre Slobrock Dæhli, Courtesy of Audiopain
Aditional vocals on "Limbs of Gehenna" by Ravn
Guest solo on "Frozen to the Cross" by Tommy Jacobsen - Courtesy of Sovereign
This entire album was written and created during February 2019
Exept; War-Metal Engine 2003, And parts of We Only Came For The Violence 2017
& Sharks Of The Wehrmacht 2017
Band Lineup
S.A.Destroyer                   Vocal, Bass
T.Terror                             Drums
V.Fineideath                     Rhythm, Main & Clean Guitar
I.Maztor                             Lead Guitar