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Zdań - Svietłaja pamiać, viečny spakoj

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ZDAŃ (ghost - in english) - self-destructing depressive suicidal black metal from Belarus full of despair and suffering. The album ' Svietłaja pamiać, viečny spakoj (R.I.P. in english)' allows to look at different sides of the multifaceted coexistence of life and death and to feel the whole range of dark emotions associated with it. Raw gutar scrimmings and cold piano sounds framed by dark atmosphere brings into the world of painful feelings of author's soul harmed by disorder. Heartbreaking shrike of vocals make the listener to feel sorrow, grief and sadness. This music shows pain, mental suffering on the evils of human nature, immoral people's doings and cruelty of the world. Each song is like a story of premature death terminating a human life by murder, suicide or illness.