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Anomalie - Between the Light LP

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Thick sleeve on uncoated paper lim.300 with 21x21cm 12 pages booklet

We are proud to release the vinyl of Anomalies's debut of from Austria.

Featuring guest appearances of M.S.and J.J. (Harakiri for the Sky) and Lukas (Ellende)

"In 2011 Marrok (Selbstentleibung, Harakiri for the Sky) founded ANOMALIE to
combine his favourite elements of emotional Black Metal, Post Metal and
Depressive Rock which results in his own uncomparable vision of profound and
honest music. Two years later the work for his first full-length output
"Between the Light" came to a conclusion - ANOMALIE is ready to unveil this
impressive debut album, dedicated to the forlorn souls of our time!