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Naxen - The Perilous Path Of Pain EP

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New release by German black metal band NAXEN. This EP shows them at their most furious potential yet while fully ladden with despair and existential dread. Side A carries a new song „The Disappearing Door To Dignity“ and is a spiritual successor to their full-length. Side B holds a cover of one of the most influential and hateful hardcorepunk-bands of all time.

The approach to these two songs was bathed from the belief that all beginning is just another end in the waiting. At the heart lies a vain wish to reconcile all of our pain and the desire to feel relief by picking up the pieces once again. While we are masking the decaying happiness around us thus effortlessly trying to push the stone of existence up one more time, we can sense how the pursue of purpose is just a peakless sensation. Eventually we are ending up with nothing and will start anew only to end up more desolate like we did so many times before.

„We may try to pick up fragments and pretend to begin anew. But in the end we are just trading a miserable end for another pitiful end.“