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Kvelgeyst - Blut, Milch und Thränen LP

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Switzerland's practitioners of alchemical madness return with their sophomore full-length, "Blut, Milch und Thränen", presenting a concoction of truly mesmerizing sonic movements.

The music contained on "Blut, Milch und Thränen" was recorded somewhat unconventionally as two separate tracks, which were subdivided into several movements to correspond with the album's gripping narrative. With regard to this narrative, Kvelgeyst recounts the tale of an alchemist, beset by visions that leads him to search for an adept who in turn shall serve as the victim in a sinister ritual, hoping to achieve unio mystica. Initially, he is pleased, as he discovers an adept soon enough in the gutters. Regrettably for him, however, he is finally confronted with the realization that he has fatally misinterpreted his visions, and it is not he who sacrifices the adept in his pursuit of revelation, but rather he must serve as the sacrificial lamb in ritual slaughter, thus enabling the adept to achieve unio mystica. This, in turn, drives the adept into utter madness, rendering him free of all his senses and forcing him to the gutters from whence he emerged.

1. Bruder der Schlangen, Geselle der Eulen
Stufe I: Von blitzartiger Wucht in Visionen getaucht
Stufe II: In der Galgenvögel Gossen
Stufe III: Purpur besiegelter Schwur

2. Abstieg zum Thronwagen
Stufe IV: Angstrad, Gallentrank
Stufe V: Hauptraub durch Klingenhieb
Stufe VI: Zum garstig' Bettelvolk zurückgetrieben

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