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Wind in his hair - Earthwrecker LP

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Mixing the rough sound of crust punk with the dense atmosphere of black metal makes WIND IN HIS HAIR a unique representative of this relatively new niche in the music landscape. The band carries out an important message about nature, indigenous cultures and respect for Mother Earth. The title of the WIHH debut "Earthwrecker" is an accusation of modern civilization and musical-wise breaches anger and disappointment in its purest unpolished form, yet with an oppressive atmosphere.

For fans of Wolves In The Throne Room, Alda, Fall of Efrafa.

This high quality vinyl edition brought to you by Supreme Chaos Records features:
- 180g heavy vinyl for maximum quality and durability
- heavy 350gsm cover with matte inside-out print
- heavy matte high quality printed insert
- heavy matte printed DIN A2 folded poster with special print
- antistatic polylined inner sleeve
- handnumbered limited editions