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Unholy Forces Comp 1 - (Japanese Black Metal Compilation)

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01. Crifotoure Satanarda - Crusader
02. Mortes Saltantes - Dawn Of The Dark
03. Funeral Rites -Necroeater
04. Drill - Big War
05. Gorugoth - Revelation 16
06. Deathlike Silence - Blow Wind In The Funaral
07. Gnome - Emptiness
08. Eternal Forest - Field Of Sorrow
09. Hurusoma - L'albero Dicanto (Part III)

Unholy Force had been lost from any Black Metal Scene. All band's finished activity or Break up. but their got Re-Evaluation from true audience also this compilation revival together. Unholy Force was collect Japanese Black Metal Band V/A released from 1998 Japanese Underground Scene.