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Evilfeast - Mysteries Of The Nocturnal Forest CD

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Originally released in 2004, Mysteries of the Nocturnal Forest is a sarcophagi of despair as the album’s nine tracks account for a hour’s worth of raw misanthropic misery. Hauntingly primal, the album’s evocative nature is matched by its flawless lo-fi production of ghostly guitars and ethereal synths.

EVILFEAST’s lone multi-instrumentalist, GrimSpirit, begins his prolific body of work with a wintry dissonance. With over two decades of depraved black metal under his belt, it is easy to see why the charred project belongs alongside Burzum, Paysage d’Hiver and Midnight Odyssey.

All archaic tunes and poetry by EVILFEAST during the years of the dark lord 1999-2003. Recorded at Funeral Sound Studio during October and November 2003, and produced by GrimSpirit. Layout and pictures also by GrimSpirit.