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Weemoed - Insania Moralis & Traummord

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Weemoed (Dutch word for Melancholy and Longing) - depressive black metal and dark ambient/classical art from the depths of the Netherlands. Started as side-project by guitarist/composer Houtekiet and singer Mor De Naere of Walpurgisnacht, soon only Houtekiet continued, and made SonderlingHerr his name for Weemoed. He is main composer of three albums so far, although mixing in some tracks from other composers. Besides melancholy black metal, ambient and classical music are in Weemoed. The two albums as double-disc release are Insania Moralis and Traummord, chronologically album two and three. Traummord is mostly album one with more classical music mixed in and other extras such as completely new track. All in all it's a new listening experience, and very original, combining old classical works with black metal. Insania Moralis is rather straightforward, melancholy black metal, although the second half of the album is dark twisted, beautiful ambient.
Release includes vocals, screams, drums, guitars (distorted, clean), piano, synths, cello, violin, experimentation, extremity, and also elegance.
Both Insania Moralis and Traummord portray sorrows of life and death. Focus is on suffering, longing for better ways or even end of life. Insania Moralis is about the failure of the mind to cope with this darkness, death, decay. Traummord (German word for death of dream and/or dream of death) also explores this diversity of dark depressed, despaired feelings with losing grip on life and comprise the shadow self in human being.