Harakiri for the Sky - Arson lim.150 (Deluxe LP)

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Hardbook Special Packaging Deluxe Double LP with golden hot stamping foil, glued-in 16 pages booklet with illustrations and lyrics and one exclusive bonus song.

Lim.150 in orange vinyl (Plastic Head edition)

1.Fire, walk with me
2. The graves we've dug
3. You are the scars
4. Heroin Waltz
5. Tomb Omnia
6. Stillborn
7. Voidgazer
8. Manifesto (Bonussong)

This is no standard vinyl version. It looks like a big book and has a weight of 1,2 kilo! Simply 700gramm more than a standard gatefold double LP.

With this vinyl you will get value for money!