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Abigail/ Shitfucker Split EP

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HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present a special split 7" between two of the filthiest headbanging hordes in the metal underground, Japan's ABIGAIL and America's SHITFUCKER. Each band delivers a pair of exclusive tracks here. ABIGAIL are up first, and no stranger to split recordings; in fact, they could challenge NUNSLAUGHTER for the sheer number of splits they've done the past two decades alone. Classic ABIGAIL blackthrashing filth, there's a very good reason why this split's namesake comes from one of their offerings here. SHITFUCKER are not to be outdone, however, and present two wild 'n' weird blitzes of metalpunk madness, perhaps their most diseased songs to date. Of course, the split's title says more than enough: Bloody Your Lovely Pussy!