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Septicflesh - Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX 3-LP

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Black triple vinyl (140g) cut at 45 rpm for optimum fidelity + DVD with the live recording of SEPTICFLESH’s once in a lifetime 2019 show accompanied by the Toluca Philharmonica Orchestra in Mexico. Packed in trigatefold sleeve and limited to 666 hand-numbered copies worldwide. The DVD is region free (0) so it can play anywhere in the world.

Tracklist :
Side A
Intro / Portrait of a Headless Man / Martyr

Side B
Prototype / The Pyramid God

Side C
The Enemy of Truth / Communion / The Vampire from Nazareth

Side D
Dogma of Prometheus / Lovecraft's Death / Dante's Inferno

Side E
Persepolis / A Great Mass of Death

Side F
Anubis / Dark Art