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El Altar Del Holocausto - She LP

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• Limited to 200 copies worldwide
• 140gr. vinyl
• 350gr. sleeve CMYK-printed
• Onionskin paper-printed insert
• Polylined black-inked paper bags
• Outer plastic sleeve

FILE UNDER Post-Metal, Post-Rock, Atmospheric Doom Metal, Instrumental
DETAILS El Altar Del Holocausto (spanish for Altar Of Holocaust) is a mysterious spanish order of Templars playing music to transcend with, by means of a very personal brew of instrumental Post-Rock and atmospheric doomy Post-Metal.

El Altar Del Holocausto is most probably the hardest working D.I.Y. band I’ve ever seen coming out from Spain. More than a hundred shows (booked mostly by themselves) and three CD releases (done everything by themselves too, from the artwork to releasing and distribution), and their best is yet to come!